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PAR Residential

Monday, July 14th, 2014 BOE Deadline to file an appeal in the following counties:

St. Louis County

St. Louis City

St. Charles County

Jackson County

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If you own or manage commercial property in St. Louis, please visit:
Property Assesment Review Tax Team
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PAR Residential

St. Louis, Missouri
Missouri's Leading Residential Property Tax Experts. Property Assessment Review, the largest commercial property tax consulting firm in the metropolitan St. Louis Area has created PAR Residential to insure that you pay a fair and correct amount of property taxes.

We've Moved!

Our St. Louis office has moved. We can be found at our new address:

7820 Maryland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63105

Please note, all phone, fax and email addresses will remain the same.

2014 Property tax assessments are available now!

DId you miss out in 2013? While 2014 is not a reassessment year, properties that were not appealed in 2013 can still be appealed in 2014!

Sign up here for a free review in 2014.

We level the playing field

The simple fact is - assessors make mistakes. They utilize mass appraisal techniques, market averages and neighborhood models to determine property values which may not accurately reflect your property value. These errors and miscalculations end up costing you money.

Since our launch in 2009, PAR Residential filed over 5,500 appeals resulting in homeowners savings over $4,300,000 in real estate taxes. Approximately 80% of the appeals we file result in tax savings.

If you would like to get started in 2014 click here to ensure you don't miss another deadline.

If you have any questions please call 314-454-0505 or email

The assessor will estimate the market value of your home using mass computer modeling and appraisal techniques which can result in errors and miscalculations that can cost you money year after year.

PAR Residential’s team of experts has the experience, market and legal knowledge to achieve the biggest tax reduction possible on your home.

Learn more about the PAR Residential Team. >>>

How it works

Our knowledge of the appeal process will guarantee that your reviews and appeals will be handled in a professional and effective manner.

Learn more about the Review and Appeal Process. >>>

Success Stories

We find that nearly 70% of the properties we review are appealable, with an 80% success rate in achieving a reduction.

See tax savings that we've achieved by zip code.>>>

Contingent Fee: No Savings - No Fee

We only get paid if we lower your property taxes. No savings, no fee. We pay for all costs of the appeal including legal and appraisal.

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